Our Restoration Services

Los Angeles Restoration Services & Much More

At Water Pro Restoration, we strive to be your completesmoke, sewage removal and mold remediation and restoration solution. Our trained and certified staff members undergo continuous training to provide you with the exceptional results in the most efficient way possible. We will respond immediately to assess the damage, develop a sound restoration plan, and execute the necessary tasks to protect the health and safety of all individuals who visit your property.

Using the latest and most effective technology in the industry, we offer a full range of services, including:

  • Water removal We will remove that results water from floods, broken pipes, leaks, and other sources. With industrial grade water removal equipment, our experts can quickly and efficiently remove large qualities of water without damaging the surrounding and underlying structures.
  • Water damage restoration We will completely dry water affected areas without removing flooring. Our techniques allow us to restore wood, drywall, and other structures to pre-damage condition. In addition, we can help treat or prevent mold growth.
  • Mold removal Mold growth can cause a variety of health conditions for individuals of all ages. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, our mold remediation professionals will completely remove mold growths and fix the root cause to ensure mold does not return.
  • Fire, smoke, soot cleanup A fire can leave a home or business full of burnt areas and particulates which are not only unsightly but may also be dangerous if inhaled. Our fire, smoke, and soot removal professionals will clean up the remnants of the fire and leave the property safe and ready for further repair.
  • Sewage Removal Cleanup Sewage contamination can cause serious diseases and health issues. Our experts will clean and sanitize, including treating contaminated items such as carpets, walls and furniture.
  • Deodorization Our deodorization services will remove smells associated with smoke, sewage, pets, water damage, and other sources. We use our eco-friendly products to leave a lasting pleasant fragrance so that your property is fully restored from top to bottom.
  • Contents restoration Our contents removal services can be used to save valuables after fire or water damage, including furniture and major appliances. We can even safely relocate your items until your property is fully safe and restored.

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