Contents Restoration

In the wake of a catastrophe, the last thing on your mind is the safety of your personal belongings. First and foremost the overall safety of yourself and your loved ones is the number one priority. When your family is out of harm’s way, count on a professional contents restoration to replenish the life of your possessions.

At Water Pro Restoration we know how stressful it is to maintain the safety of your home, which is why we make it a priority to take over the duty of restoring your home’s contents. Contents restoration services from our technicians requires commitment to your facilities, training and organization. It is our goal to understand the needs and desires of your expectations, so we can deliver the best results possible to get your life back on track.

Severe damage to a building from fire, soot, and water damage causes critical downtime for your home and business, but with prompt restoration services we can apply the best treatment to your belongings for continued use.

Contents Restoration Process

We perform restoration services on-site or off-site depending on the severity of the accident. By providing quick and quality care to restore your salvageable goods to its original condition is what we strive for. To help you understand the process here is what may take place when our restoration team arrives:

  • Evaluate and inventory salvageable goods
  • Clean, repair, refinish and deodorize items
  • Relocate and store goods safely until property has been repaired
  • Return items back to the building in its original setting

We understand the level of anxiety caused by losing valuable possessions, which is why our specialists respond quickly to your call and do our best to restore the condition of the contents with conscientious care of handling.

Make the Call to Water Pro Restoration

Water Pro Restoration specialists ensure that customer items will be fully restored to its original form if they are indeed salvageable. We extend our services to documents, clothing, electronics, upholstery, woodwork, artwork, antiques, and other precious valuables. Call on our contents restoration team in the event your building suffers a tragic disaster, and we will do our best to preserve your items at the drop of a hat.