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Water Damage Restoration

Repairing Your Van Nuys Home

Water can infiltrate your property in many ways, from roofing and plumbing leaks to basement flooding or the effects of a natural disaster. At Water Pro Restoration, our team of experienced technicians can quickly evaluate water damage and develop a flood repair plan to restore your property, including sewage removal, water cleanup, and mold testing and mold remediation in Van Nuys and all of Los Angeles County.

Common Types of Water Damage

Water damage can affect your property in many ways, depending on the cause of the situation. Understanding how water damage occurs can help you take steps to avoid problems in the future after current water damage repair has been completed.

  • Plumbing leaks are a frequent cause of water damage. The most common issues that lead to flooding include damaged or burst pipes and water supply lines.
  • Severe clogs and sewer line problems often lead to wastewater backups that subsequently require professional sewage removal and water cleanup.
  • Foundation and gutter problems can lead to basement flooding, which causes water damage in your basement and could result in mold concerns throughout your home.
  • Roofing damage and leaks that go unaddressed can cause water damage inside your attic and your home every time it rains.
  • HVAC issues such as air conditioning drain line backups and ice formation on AC or heat pump coils often result in water damage beneath or around these appliances.
  • If your home has been affected by a fire, the water used in fire suppression services can leave behind extensive water damage that must be addressed alongside smoke and fire damage repair.

Hazardous Effects of Water Damage

Any amount of water damage can create serious problems for your home or workplace. Water damage sets the stage for mold growth, which can affect your indoor air quality and your health. You might also encounter issues with structural integrity, and you could deal with a multitude of unwanted organisms growing in your space. Read below for more on the hazardous effects of water damage:

  • Mold Growth – Mold isn’t just unsightly; it’s also unhealthy. The presence of mold can aggravate your allergies and cause asthma attacks, and it can have additional consequences for those with other existing respiratory problems. Water damage should be cleaned immediately in order to prevent the growth and spreading of mold.
  • Structural Issues – If you have ever felt a wet piece of cardboard, you have some idea of how water can affect structural integrity. After suffering a flood, plumbing leak, or other source of water damage, certain structures in your home or workplace might be compromised; wooden structures tend to be particularly vulnerable. This can make your space unsafe and hazardous for use.
  • Organisms – In addition to mold, water damage allows for the growth of other potentially harmful organisms. Like mold, they can infiltrate your air and compromise your indoor air quality. Remember to address water damage quickly to keep these organisms from causing problems in your space.

The Process of Water Damage Repair

Handling water damage is a multi-step process, regardless of the size of the area affected by flooding. Water Pro Restoration delivers 24/7 water damage repair and fire cleanup in Los Angeles County. We can help you address a disaster of any size to protect your belongings and your family from the hazards of flooding, fire, and mold. You can reach us by phone at (818) 939-0038 for more information or to schedule a water damage assessment.

  • The contents of your property will be moved and assessed to assist with the drying process and determine whether damaged items can be restored or must be replaced.
  • Because water damage can affect the structural stability of a building, your entire property will be inspected to determine the extent of the water damage and whether it has reached essential structural components.
  • Professional drying techniques will be used to remove moisture and humidity from affected areas; this not only speeds the process, but reduces the risk of mold formation. In many cases, water damage repair also includes disinfection and restoration of materials, even if replacement is not required.

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