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Fire Smoke and Soot Clean Up

If your home or business recently suffered from a fire and you are worried about inhaling any of the damage left behind, don’t wait any longer. Trained fire damage professionals can evaluate the building and determine proper methods of removing fire smoke and soot from your property.

Our fire restoration team at WaterPro Restoration is quick and proficient in property restoration to ensure that you, and your loved ones or employees feel safe. Most areas of the building may look undamaged by fire or smoke, but our professionals know how to thoroughly search for fire damage that does not present itself.

What Are Signs of Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage?

If damage, residue and odor is heavy throughout the building, then a professional restoration service should be contacted right away. Damage that continues to sit untouched can lead to an extensive cleanup, the longer you wait the more the building and its contents will suffer.

Fire damage to furniture, walls, ceilings and other contents are mostly visible with black or brown discoloration and should be inspected professionally to evaluate its condition.

Smoke burns slowly and generates a strong odor that penetrates into furniture, walls and other materials. Smoke can also make its way to water pipes and compromise the building’s plumbing system if left unrestored.

Soot is the first thing to be removed before deodorizing carpets, curtains and furniture. Soot usually stains and is oily to the touch. Types of soot include:

  • Wet smoke residue
  • Dry smoke residue
  • Protein residue
  • Fuel oil soot

Why You Need a Fire Restoration Professional

In the aftermath of a fire, you will probably be eager to return to your home and check on your belongings. However, rushing back inside before the property is deemed safe can be incredibly dangerous. A fire restoration professional can help to eliminate health hazards, address your damaged property, and ensure that your systems are in safe and working order. Read below for more on why you might need a fire restoration professional:

  • Health Hazards – Even after the flames have been extinguished and the thick smoke has cleared, certain health hazards might remain after a fire. If you forego fire restoration, you may experience a range of symptoms from coughing and shortness of breath to headaches and irritated eyes. The team at Water Pro Restoration is eager to help eliminate these health hazards from your space so you and your family can stay happy and healthy.
  • Damaged Property – Few things can successfully stand up to the intense heat and smoke that a fire brings about. In addition to damaged personal belongings, you might also encounter structural problems with your home or building. Only professional fire restoration services can help you restore your belongings and revive the structural integrity of your space.
  • Compromised Plumbing – Another effect that a fire tends to bring about is compromised plumbing. The smoke from the fire can infiltrate your water pipes and contaminate your water, which is a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. In addition to removing soot and inspecting the condition of your belongings and space, your fire damage restoration professionals can ensure that your plumbing systems remain in top shape after a fire.

For more information about fire restoration in Van Nuys, please feel free to call the professionals at Water Pro Restoration at (818) 939-0038. In addition to fire restoration, we specialize in water damage cleanup and black mold removal.

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